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misu エミリー's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
misu エミリー

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[22 Jun 2013|06:08pm]
Everything is done and dusted. Today, was one of the most painful days of my life. I'm not going to Istanbul anymore.

It's ended on a beautiful note, we told each other we love one another dearly. I miss how everyday really was an adventure. There was never a dull moment! We had such crazy, crazy times. Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll..amongst other things..*cough* I miss his simply mesmerizing voice (I can listen to him sing all day). Today I realised how empty I felt inside without him,the feeling he gives me is what I miss the most.

He told me he can't go on like this. I understand and respect his decision. I know how much I hurt him. He says when he thinks of me he is bitterly happy and it is likewise for me.

:) :) *bitter smiles* :) :) :)
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[21 Jun 2013|11:43am]
It's been a long, long time!

I'm in a fabulous mood today. O YEAH! I've been working all day with Doggy by my side (yeah I have codependency issues so what?!)

I've been missing Deniz like crazyyyyy. I've been sniffing his pants so much more recently *big creepy pervert smile* I can't waiitttt to get my hands on him..purrrr grrrr.. however his old pants has to satisfy my perverted urges for now *kekekekeke* I called his home phone and spoke to his mammy (she doesn't speak english and I don't understand the turkish lingo). She kissed me down the phone (Je t'en basse (or at least I think that's how it's spelt cba to googletranslate dot com it) I returned the love back (erm je t'en basse aussi!) :D Most of my daily thoughts are occupied by Deniz and fashion.

Prints! prints! prints! I'm trying to knock up some floral prints. Here's one:


The tones are pretty muted here. The ones I'm working on right now are more bright, vibrant, show-stopping embodying the full FLOWER POWER spirit!

Some old photos yo!


That's me demonstrating how to pet a goat from a safe distance (at arm's length)

I'm off now! Xx

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[25 Apr 2013|07:00pm]
Here's a photo of doggy:


He's a sweet natured, white yorkshire terrier puppy! woof!
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[24 Apr 2013|11:07am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

20130422_124959 20130422_125849

20130422_124751 20130422_130413


Two days ago I went to the Tea Shed to eat some noms! The decor was so pretty and sweet! I love salt and pepper and their other tube friends (above right photo).

So it was my birthday on Sunday. I got a pair of nude Kurt Geiger shoes from Deniz and a new fluffy friend (doggy)! A very happy and joyful emilie *bounces*! Do you like my cankles cake below?! lol

Cankles: I'm good enough to eat!

cc (1 of 1) IMG-20130420-WA0000

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[09 Apr 2013|01:43pm]
Brrrr! What a loonnnnng shitttttt cold morning this has been!!!! I just got back from the dental hospital *O*. I waited 4 hours (hence the shit morning).

On a side note, I had a very, very fun filled weekend (weeeeeee!) , which included drinking tea and being up to no good in the park at 5am in the morning ... *giggidy giggidy* :D Makes my pussy glow just thinking about it *giggidy giggidy* :D

I have to go now 'cause it's GET SHIT DƠNE DAY!!
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[15 Mar 2013|05:50pm]
FML PHONE DEAD have to revert back to dinosaur phone
LAPTOP K.O.ed FMLife!!!!!
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[06 Mar 2013|08:19pm]
[ mood | determined ]

O hai!

A couple of days ago, I embarked on my journey to a bikini-clad body! chachacha! So far, I'm doing well if I may say so myself (i haven't ate like a fucking hippo everyday). Ohhh yeahhhhh and I joined a gym. Summer is looming so I really feel the need to pimp and preen myself a bit more *brushes hair*

Prior to this, I was doing a pile of sweet ass f-all, just reveling in pure and hedonistic pleasures (smoking, sex, vegetarian moussakas (my Red Mezze favourite). Foreplay/sex is mindblowing- constant O-spasms, feet (& leg) tingles and dizzyness. Sometimes my head spins wildly and I feel like I am going to faint. I never thought sex could be like this, I always thought if masturbation orgasms vs pussy/ oral/ anal orgasms, masturbation orgasms will win ('cause you're in control of your own orgasms) How wrong I am!!

I've been spending most of my time with Deniz (nothing new here) I'm very happy with him in every way. One of the best feelings in the world is having my body wrapped up in his, and falling asleep in his arms. Being with him really is like such a beautiful dream! I know it sounds cheesy but whatever.

2012-11-13-12-13-07_deco SC20121103-114138

Left to right: Deniz with I am so sleepy (or sleepy for short) + Cartoon version of D (he actually has a top identical to that. THE DEVIL/GOD (whateverr) IS IN THE DETAILS)

Below: One of our many weed walks/adventures. We use to try to positively condition the ducks by singing 'Gimmi Di Bread' (we changed the lyrics to the Gimmi di weed song by Redwan Fayahwan) so they know food is on the way before they even see us.


Cup design:


Personalised cup:


I made this personal cup (see above) for D 'cause he's like the 21st century McGyver -(He uses the most mundane items in creative ways to make and fix things (my vibrator (lol), camera, laptop bag handle).

Cankles (my polar bear cub plush) has earned a special place in my heart. The name has a nice ring to it doncha think?


Look at the cankles on him! They're like little tree stumps :)

20130119_165736 20130119_165627

^One of our little feasts.


^One of my favourite activites ever is smoking, eating cheese toasties and drinking tea outside at Leazes Park in the early morning. Cankles loves it too. (He's smiling :)) The park is deserted and it's so lovely snuggling up to Deniz, listening to the birds singing and looking at the stars! In winter we use to bring a little blanket out with us too! It makes my heart warm just thinking about it.

20121227_233557 (1) 20121227_232406


I've got alot of photos et cetera but I've got to go now. I'll extend this post okay! goodnight yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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[14 Jan 2013|09:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello backdates! It's been so very, very long! So, since October I have been with SexyDeniz. He's super sexy. Pictorial evidence (of said super sexiness):


MemeBooth Picture 1

Deniz gamely agrees to a photo :D

*SWOON* He's ASEXYMOTHERFUCKER nice isn't he?! I was reduced to a drooling frenzy when I first saw him topless...which is just ahem.... *oh my!*... to say the least!
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another flu inspired poem [13 Jul 2012|06:25pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Doing the dance of pain in my head, in my bed,
My body is heated up all red,
Soon I'll be dead.

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my flu inspired poem [13 Jul 2012|04:05am]
[ mood | sick ]

Na na na
I've got the fluuuuuu
So I'm feeling a bit blueeeee
Making myself feel better on lolcats going 'coo coo cooooo'
I'm off to puke now so I'll leave you without further adieuuuuu

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Dylan: I love having a poo [14 Feb 2012|06:06pm]
This is my first entry since forever (I have been in hiding.....).

Dylan: I love having a poo

I know that looks like shit (poo medallion necklace?) wrapped around the persons neck but ...NOPEE!!!! You guessed wrong! Brown scarf?? Nope!! Wrong again!! It is my friends.... *drum rolls* .......a brown collar! This 'picasso' is by my nephew. 很好! 很好!!! *clap clap*. The person pooing is his little sister.. From what I gather it looks like she has hit her head on a brick and is suffering from a concussion (or perhaps she is dead....=S =S =S) either way she is K.Oed (hence the cross eyes X___X) whilst simultaneously pooing and yes the two happy spectators are indeed his parents.
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[21 Sep 2011|08:42pm]
Topshop blue satin skirt: Bought-£1.99 Sold-£8.54.
Reiss dress: Bought- £3.99 Sold: £8
Coast dress: Bought- £5.99 Sold: £18.99
Chistopher Kane bag: Bought- £5.99 Sold: £17
All Saints top: Bought: £3.99 Sold: £18
French Connection blazer: Bought- £6.99 Sold-£16.99
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[01 Jun 2011|06:55pm]
Sex and drugs together. I just need to find a lovely man!!!!
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[26 Mar 2011|02:34am]
i'm so happy! feelin' so loved! so grateful for everything! love (^___^)V
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[25 Feb 2011|06:16pm]
i just had some quality bonding session with my father by pulling his white hairs out with a tweezer. Yeuch. fml.

My greatest fear is marrying a selfish arsehole like him, but of course that aint gunna happen. Rather be celibate & single for life in that case ty very much!

For two weeks running my boss has been saying hes been very impressed with little old me! My life has been rather mundane, nothing much to update! No human drama to fill you in! I'm going to make £££sss and make things happen! *magic* !
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[22 Jun 2010|07:21pm]
Hi guys...! I know I've been neglecting lj! This is my first proper entry since forever. You know I've been a busy girl!

Emmas phone call has prompted me to update.

Past few days:

(+) I've just sectioned (& listed - ebayz!) unwanted items (10 so far! wowee! Go mee!)
(+) eeeee! Androo came to stay. FUCK YES! So he pretty much consumed my life from Wednesday- Saturday. I was so excited I didn't sleep on Tuesday. We went to Tropical World where much to my surprise he gave me an extensive rundown of EACH AND EVERY FISH there was 'this is a cichlid they incubate their eggs in their MOUTHS' (for real)

A cichlid as illustrated below:

He treated me to dinner twice (oriental city restaurant. Yo! SUSHI!). sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! nam nam.
(+) Hyde Park pub then chilled out with Kat & her drugged up mates at her garden. Leisurely fun.
(+)Getting high!

(+) Coke (drink)
(+) Watched I now pronounce you Chuck & Harry. Funny- stars Adam Sandler + Kevin James
(+) Dressed up as a Japanaki Lolita for Daisy Green (yeah I haven't heard of it either) magazine photoshoot. Apparently it has 27.000 subscribers??

Behind the scene shoot (I have a mole drawn on top of my upper lip):

It was so much fun! The other two girls modelling were both burlesque performers. They were full of balls, sharp sharp with and slapstick humour. Em Brulee (crazy) was such a woman! Whilst trekking through the forest we found a can of empty energy drink and a condom wrapper.
(+) Mini picking me up! I get a lift back woooo!
(+) New beauty products purchases

(-) ate 1/4 of a block of camembert cheese. bad emily! bad!
(-) Spent £85 on beauty products.. (bad emily x 100)
(-) PACKING!!!!!!!!! It's so tedious! I hate everything about it!!!!!!
(-) Mini picking me up on Friday (few days early) . I MISS OUT ON A WEEKEND OF SCANDAL WITH WOO WELL. NOW I WILL NEVER MEET THE INFAMOUS DARCY!!!!!!
(-) BILLS!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY GOD WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. My heart stopped beating when I handed Sukhi the £100. I am not kidding. All I could think about was what beauty shit I could have bought with that kinda money.

I need money to make things happen in my life!!!!

Yes I'm quite motivated in life today! Maybe that's why I started clearing out all this junk on ebayz today??? Out with the old, in with the new! Making things happen!

I leave you with some inspirational travel photos:

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[19 May 2010|09:22am]
mmm...i think i might be a bit stressed! but this bunny makes things better!

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[15 Apr 2010|07:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

life is so good right now!

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[13 Apr 2010|01:20pm]
i'm not happy at the moment....

But I'll be hokai in a second!
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[01 Apr 2010|07:30pm]
I look like shit today!

Can't wait to go home to eat my mashed potato, cheese, gravy & peas...


nap!! yay \(^___^)/

simple pleasures lol
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